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We offer you, proud to do so, the chance to spend an

unforgettable day at our family mountain cabin at Borche,
a place nearby a marvellous alpine hut of the same name.
Our cabin was entirely built by our father and from here to will have
a breathtaking view! It is not unusual to encounter wild animals.
In summertime we organize, weather permitting, a day in our mountain
hut with lunch/barbecue included.
In wintertime you will reach the cabin through a path that is normally
covered in snow, you will then wear special snow shoes(ciaspole in ladin)
and upon arrival you will be provided with a little snack break.

Cauture SNC di Taddei Giovanna & C. - Via Roma 29 - 38024 - Pejo fraz. Cogolo (TN) - P.Iva 01296860222
www.bebveronica.it - info@bebveronica.it - Fax +39 0463 754205 - Cell. +39 3296259843
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